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About the Studio

Astronut — is a studio for art & mindful design based in Gerolzhofen, Germany. The studio focuses on graphic design, UX & UI design, design strategy and contemporary art. It was founded in September 2020 by Andreas Stößel. Andreas Stößel himself previously worked for many years in the creative field, higher education, and commercial enterprises. The studio’s work ethos is characterized by passionate design, a strategically reflected design process, high quality craftsmanship, as well as maximum appreciation towards clients and our environment.

The studio’s main goal is to provide valuable, lasting design solutions for traditional, current and future media.

It focuses mainly on art direction, design strategy, graphic design, corporate design, editorial design, web design, illustration and fine arts.

I see every new project as an opportunity. An opportunity to question the existing, to gather impressions and let them become unique expressions — because good design requires conscious decisions.

Innovation thinks.
Action does.

Working method

The starting point of my work is a comprehensive and mindful analysis of the status quo. Findings of the analysis are then incorporated into a strategy — which I always develop in close exchange with my clients. This approach leads to design solutions that are long-lasting and maximally tailored to the individual requirements of each project. In my work, I strive for the greatest possible simplicity in design, but depth in my messages.

When we learned to walk, every step was a joy. We moved and explored every moment that opened up before us. We can learn to walk like that again.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

CONTACT - Astronut Studio of Art Design - Andreas Stößel Stoessel


Master of Arts in Media- and Designmanagement (with honors) — Rhein-Main Hochschule, Wiesbaden

Bachelor of Arts in Design (with honors) — Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule, Nuremberg

Nanoedgree Design Sprints — Udacity
Nanodegree User Experience Design — Udacity


STROKE artfair, Munich — 2023
M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano & Fuerteventura — 2021
Designer’s Night, Nuremberg — 2013
Designer’s Night, Nuremberg — 2012

Design Disciplines

Art direction, corporate design, editorial design, conception & strategy, user experience & user interface design, webdesign, illustration und fine arts.


Andreas Stößel
MAIL helloworld@astronut.de
INSTAGRAM @andreasstoessel
PHONE +49 151 15 444 612

Behind the Scenes

»LUMINA« is a handmade linocut that I made in 2020. On Youtube you can find a video about the gradual creation of »LUMINA« (and other works). Original prints are available in my store.

watch the making of on Youtube:


Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Lino Print – Lumina - Work in Progress