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Brand Development »Astronut —
Design Studio for Design & Illustration«

Astronut design studio for design & illustration was founded in 2020. The range of services lies on graphic design, illustration & UX/UI design.
Individuality, the pursuit of perfection in the works and the appreciation for the craft without exception, describe important traits of the studio.
Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Order Received Thank You

My Role.

Overall Brand Development
Typography, Logo, UX-Design and more.


Development of the brand core.

Definition of clear service areas.

Based on the brand core — development of the corporate identity.


N corporate identity development

Logo, UX design & implementation of website, stationery, and more.







The desire of my own studio matured in me for some time before I finally decided to found it. In recent years, I worked as a freelancer and gained extremely valuable experience in my previous jobs. In September 2020, the time had come. I founded my own studio: Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration.

At the very beginning it was clear to me: the brand must reflect me, my values, my views and my style as a creative.

Not an easy task, since you yourself are very close to the action and rooted in the ideas. It was all the more challenging to maintain the necessary distance at points. An important factor in order not to get lost in too many details.

That’s why I first worked out a kind of »leitmotif«. I would use this as a guideline during future brand development.  It reads(ed), »In my design, I strive for the greatest possible simplicity, but depth in my messages.«

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Logo Draft
Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Logo Draft

Initial scribbles & final design
The business cards are handmade by screen printing


The development of the leitmotif helped me enormously to work out the core of my brand piece by piece. Nevertheless, I was faced with some challenges that were not or only partially foreseeable beforehand.

Challenge 1

Focus. Clearly defining the offering. One of the most important challenges was to clearly define the offering and to delineate the fields of action from one another, but not to separate them. The three fields of action are therefore graphic design, illustration and UX design.

Challenge 2

If you develop almost all elements and content yourself, there are not always only advantages. A big challenge was therefore to keep a kind of distance from my own brand, to develop it primarily for my potential customers and not just for myself.

Challenge 3

Time factor. In addition to the actual development of the brand, many other aspects played a necessary and important role in the foundation. Getting familiar with all the necessary points (KSK, trademark registration, start-up subsidy, etc.) would be time-consuming, but should not influence the brand development.

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Visitenkarten Siebdruck
Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Visitenkarten Siebdruck

Impressions from the printing process of business cards

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Visitenkarte

Final Design of the Business Cards


In order to align the brand along my views and values, it was first important to question myself. What do I want to stand for as a creative? What makes me stand out? Where are my strengths — where are my weaknesses? To clarify these questions I wrote a short story. It defines the core of the brand. Because by writing the story, it became clear to me what messages my brand should convey and what values it should stand for.

Aspects that emerged in this context were enthusiasm for the craft, demand for maximum quality and sustainable action. Values that would henceforth define my brand.

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Business Model Canvas

Digital Business Model Canvas in the Software »miro«

My ways of thinking and acting should also be maximally user- and customer-centric. For this reason, I worked with the Business Model Canvas, according to Alexander Osterwalder. A tool from the Lean Startup. By means of the Business Model Canvas, one’s own company can be „broken down« in a targeted manner. In addition, it helps decisively to gain clarity on how to address customers in the best possible way.

In order to capture the needs and ideas of individual user groups even more specifically, I also worked with Affinity Mapping (a method from UX/UI design) as well as User Story Mapping (from agile software development).

By the way, I would like to realize the story for »Astronut« as a stop-motion movie in the future.

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – High Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity Wireframe of the Astronut Website in the Software »Figma«

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Logo Development


Self-reflection was the key to self-employment for me. It was only then that I realized how much the desire for my own, self-managed company had matured in me. In the course of self-reflection, central added values emerged for me:

    1. Values, ideas and wishes for the own brand could be defined
    2. Tonality of the brand in words and images could be defined
    3. The own »I« could be integrated into the brand

In particular, the aspect of finding my own essence in the brand was of central importance to me.

While I was dealing with fundamental questions of my own brand, I became aware of the following: Astronut should enable focus, quality and individualization for my customers. Today, we are exposed to a multitude of stimuli, which often lead to excessive demands.

From a design point of view, I therefore pursued a rather minimalist design, as I expected a higher benefit for my customers. The appearance of my brand should help to focus on the core messages.


The final design of the brand Astronut is minimalist, reduced to the essentials. The color scheme was chosen in soothing but fresh colors. Only in isolated places color highlights are set to emphasize appropriate messages.

The visual language is intended to convey the artisanal character with the demand for maximum quality. In addition, the aspect of sustainability is to be reflected in the brand’s tonality. Print products are therefore produced as far as possible themselves on high-quality and sustainable materials.

Let’s travel, into a creative future that we will shape together!

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Invoice Mockup
Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Andreas Stoessel – Mobile Result

Business Paper & Web Design

Astronut — Designatelier für Design & Illustration | Post Icon Hover