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Astronut — is a design and fine art studio working in the disciplines of graphic design, ux & ui design, design strategy and contemporary art.

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The studio’s work ethos is characterized by mindfulness in design. Appreciation towards our own clients, our environment and our common future form the basis for a strategically reflected design process.


Design Disciplines

Art Direction, design strategy, graphik design, corporate design, editorial design, webdesign, illustration and fine arts

Astronut helps brands to recognize and develop their own potential; together we develop unique design solutions that we bring to the world. The results achieved are always in line with the needs of the client and our environment. Astronut strives to deliver new perspectives on established problems, assumptions and methods.

LOGO — qualifizierte berufliche bildung bayern - Astronut Studio of Art Design - Andreas Stoessel

Logo design for Impuls Leben —
qualifizierte berufliche bildung bayern

Astronut was founded with the aspiration to put quality, craftsmanship and mindfulness in design at first place.

Mindfulness in

We live in a time when it seems as if the world is spinning faster every day. In which startups are able to disruptively change entire markets.

A time that is characterized by the drive for innovation. Always further, always better, always faster.

Astronut was founded in order not to lose sight of the essentials, especially in these times of design.

Despite speed, change and the pursuit of agility, there should be time for craftsmanship and thoughtful consideration.

BUSINESS MAN - Astronut Studio of Art Design - Andreas Stößel Stoessel

For Astronut, mindfulness in design means always acting in context. To remember that what we design today will influence tomorrow.

To internalize that attentively perceived impressions can be turned into expressions with a message.

Astronut designs brands with profile. With expressiveness and attitude in times of constant change.

Astronut develops brands that last.

CAMPING CASE STUDY - Astronut Studio of Art Design - Andreas Stoessel




The Schreinerei Walk GmbH was founded in 1949. It is a family-run crafts company in the third generation. The newly developed product »Cube« did not yet have a name and logo. Astronut was therefore commissioned to first develop a strategic and conceptual orientation and then to develop a suitable product name and logo based on the findings.

With »Cube«, a new era of individual travel is dawning. Increased comfort, lower costs, maximum sustainability. As a mounted cabin for pickups, »Cube« offers spacious living despite its small basic dimensions.


Year: 2020
Customer: Schreinerei Walk
Project: Brand development


Strategy & concept
Logo design
Creative direction



Corporate Identity

The startup has set itself the goal to change individual travel sustainably. The offer ranges from individual conversions to modular systems and ready-made new vehicles.

Astronut was commissioned to design the brand development. The focus was on a comprehensive corporate design development — a clear visual corporate personality.
In addition, Astronut provided strategic and conceptual support in the development of the corporate identity.

The brands logo was reduced to a minimum — for maximum freedom. It reflects basic human needs. The desire and craving for nature, adventure, individuality and autonomy.

A style guide was designed as a foldable »travel map« in print format . In terms of content, the map provides information on all relevant visual aspects of the brand.


Year: 2021
Customer: Campermanufaktur Würzburg GmbH
Project: Brand development


Strategy & concept
Logo design
Creative direction
UX & UI design

Work with me

From visionary thoughts that change the world to mindful and thoughtful design implementation — feel free to come up to me to discuss possible strategies or, to learn more about the ethos of my studio.

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